Start by marking out your 2x4s a hair over 10.5″. Go ahead and chop 54 pieces! Once they’re all cut, the fun part… sanding!

I chose to stain my Jenga pieces with three different colours of stain and left some natural. You could also choose to leave your wood natural and skip this step.

When that’s all dry, you can go ahead and apply Minwax Finishing Paste. The only other recommendation I found to seal the wood is hemp oil. Learn how to play the game!


Start by marking and cutting your 1×6 boards in 1-foot pieces. You will need 28 pieces. When they’re all cut, get to sanding. You could choose to leave your dominoes a natural colour, or you could choose to stain them as I did.

When the paint is dry, you’ll want to seal your dominoes. I chose a spray on sealer for ease.


To make 6 square dice, cut a 4x4 into 3.5" pieces. When they’re chopped, give them a light sanding and wipe them clean with a damp cloth.  To paint your dots, I recommend using round foam dabbers. To map out which sides of your dice get which number, just remember that opposite sides of the dice should equal 7.

I created a handy printable for you in case you need a Yahtzee scoring refresher course.

That’s all there is to it! Then teach your husband or friend how to play and enjoy beating them ;)